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Coronacrisis and Self-leadership: 10 questions to make it an opportunity for learning and growth

We can interpret this pandemic as a great opportunity for learning and growth, as we are all shaken out of our comfort zone by this global situation.

Evolution of Business Leadership:

Diversity and Women’s Participation in High-Level Positions.

Is there a balance between work and personal life?

Just as “the world is not as it is, but as we interpret it,” the balance between work and personal life is also a matter of perspective.

Empowering Strategic Leadership:

Key Functions of a Professional Board in challenging contexts.

Ubuntu: the transformational power of relationship-based leadership.

Throughout history, many leadership models have been developed. In this vast landscape, an ancient and powerful philosophy that transcends borders and cultures emerges: Ubuntu.

Good energy is contagious, and a positive attitude multiplies:

The second meeting of the event that brought together the five most influential voices in the professional field of Hispanoamerica recently took place.

Change is life: reinvention and abundance

“Be your own hero and reinvent yourself in full abundance,” says Patricio Fedio, TOP LEADERS IN SPANISH

Transforming ourselves to evolve: can anyone doubt that the pandemic came to transform us?

In these two years – and several waves of contagion – that we have been navigating through this great disruption that confronted us with the need to adapt to move forward, the opportunity to manage the crisis as a stage of overcoming opened up for both individuals and organizations.