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Since the formation of a circle of trust among peers, our members access collective intelligence to evolve personally, professionally, and entrepreneurially in a safe and transparent environment. Collaborative directory format.

For many REF members, it serves as an antidote to loneliness at the top. Entrepreneurs are typically alone facing their most important dilemmas. Socially, it’s very challenging to delve into these issues, and often in companies, there are other interests involved. REF is an organization forged in the USA 30 years ago, with a presence in more than 20 countries and 60 cities, exclusively composed of over 2,500 CEOs, Presidents, and Founders.

REF functions as a hub for business leaders. The Community extends beyond the Group, connecting you with over 2,500 entrepreneurs, members, forum leaders, partners, ambassadors, and global speakers with whom you can share best practices, connect, and access opportunities in other markets.

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Benefits of Being Part


In each monthly Forum meeting, members enrich themselves with diverse perspectives arising from peer feedback.

Non-competing industries.
Facilitated by a certified REF forum leader.
Safe space for discussion and debate.
Culture of transparency, trust, and confidentiality.
Reflection and planning space.


Educational component: Updates from experts on topics of interest to business leaders.

Roundtable: Dynamic exchange of personal and business best practices.

Case: A member presents their major challenge, and other group members share what they would do in their place.


Connect with other members through our member directory and community networking groups. Access our content resource center dedicated to personal, professional, and business evolution.


Educational component: Updates from experts on topics of interest to business leaders.

Roundtable: Dynamic exchange of personal and business best practices.

Case: A member presents their major challenge, and other group members share what they would do in their place.



I was part of the REF group led by Patricio during the most crucial years of my career when the sale of the company I founded with Luciano Salata in 2010, Neutrona Networks, was being defined. Patricio's goal in REF is to accelerate and enhance effectiveness and productivity in strategic decision-making. In this case, not only did Patricio help me, but the entire group of professionals he had recruited and selected assisted me in defining and making some of the toughest decisions of my life. Patricio is an outstanding leader and person with a positive attitude, intelligence, tenacity, and creativity in everything he does.

Mateo WardCo-Founder, Advisor & Early Stage Investor at Enveedo

Now more than ever, organizations require leaders who can implement agile and comprehensive transformation. Pato works alongside those of us who face this great challenge to shape us, inspire us, and show us the way to define our purpose. He is a great person, sensitive, and committed. And a great entrepreneur! His practices as a leader and the spaces of interaction, professional encounter, and personal listening that he creates have helped me a lot to evolve in my role and connect with my emotions.
I highly recommend him! Let's go for more

Mariana CaminoPresident and CEO of ABECEB

Drafting a recommendation about Patricio is something that I find very straightforward and challenging at the same time. Straightforward because he is an exceptional being, both personally and professionally. Challenging because there are many things I should highlight, and it's difficult to select the most important ones.
I have witnessed the exponential growth that Patricio has experienced in recent years. I was part of an Executive Forum group coordinated by him for six years. Throughout that time, I could appreciate Pato's acuity in his observations and judgments. At the same time, I have witnessed his growth as an entrepreneur. He is a tireless worker who knows how to put his ideas into practice and also learn from mistakes.
He possesses a special sensitivity, creating unique atmospheres where one can be vulnerable, as he knows how to show his vulnerability. He has a great ability to convey concepts and ideas, excellent speaker, a great sense of humor. An exceptional father and husband, always concerned with maintaining the right balance in his family.
Finally, I highlight that he is someone who is always willing to listen and lend a hand. To connect people. In summary, I feel very grateful that life has allowed me to cross paths with someone like Patricio. Up with all those ventures!! Your reinvention continues. Good luck!!

Osvaldo de la FuenteFormer CEO of Roche Argentina

Patricio is a great leader of leaders who accompanies the growth process of professionals in strategic roles in a world where many of us feel alone and where we have the false belief of having reached a certain 'ceiling.' As my forum leader for almost 4 years since I joined REF, he was my guide in that limitless evolution process and opened the doors to an environment of trust and confidentiality to share experiences with other professionals. Always with a clear and ambitious vision, he drives us to raise our levels of excellence while contagiously sharing his passion for everything he does. His charisma, humanity, and open-mindedness are his personal brand, inviting you to trust him naturally and help inspire others. Thank you, Pato, for being my mentor and continuing to accompany me in my professional and personal growth alongside REF.

Valeria StupenengoSr Director/Page Outsourcing LATAM- Michael Page | Recruitment Solutions

For over five years, I embarked on my journey with REF, Executive Forums Argentina. It was undoubtedly a path of personal and professional growth, accompanied by a strong increase in confidence in the REF model and the members of the very good group I am part of. Very grateful for what I have experienced so far, and very positive about being able to sustain this experience and continue developing it in the future.

Claudio DollerInternational Partner (ILP) at BDO in Argentina

As the leader of a social organization, I had many doubts about whether the proposal was for me. I trusted and quickly confirmed that it would add a lot to Fundación Potenciar Solidario, the more than 400 NGOs we support, and myself. I understood the importance of being well oneself to better contribute to one's family, work, and society.
Being part of a trusting environment, with attentive listening, high receptivity, and sincere feedback, allows me to add the perspective of the social world, listen to constructive opinions, and generate very valuable collaborations.
I am certain that what comes with REF will be even more powerful.

Juan ThomasFounder and CEO of Fundación Potenciar Solidario | Social Impact Articulator

In the year that I've been a member of REF, I found in Patricio Fedio a true transformational leader. His congruence, enthusiasm, authenticity, and ability to motivate, promote, and serve others to guide and provide tools have proven this to me. I also highlight his analytical skills in areas of strategy, business development, marketing, combined with great emotional intelligence and a comprehensive approach to business and personal development.
In summary, a person with a defined purpose, reflected in the actions he generates to exert a positive influence. His achievements speak for themselves.

Daniel A. DarrieuxForum Leader for Neuquén and Río Negro at REF

Participating in REF has been one of the best decisions in recent years. It is a space for self-awareness and invaluable growth, fueled by collective knowledge and experience within a framework of shared values.

Ciro Garcia RestaCEO at Grupo Conexiones Directas. Co-founder of WeCover. Managing Partner at Grupo ADN360.

The REF space provides me with a secure place to broaden my professional perspective, learning from my colleagues and the educational content chosen by the group. It offers me a network of trust while forging personal relationships of immense value

Mora Cuarterola DurandCountry CFO at Novartis Argentina

I accepted the proposal to join a REF group at the perfect moment when I took on the responsibility of leading a technology company in the fintech ecosystem. During this time, I worked on enhancing my role as a leader and industry influencer, expanding and sharing knowledge, tools, and experiences. Undoubtedly, the great value lies in the group and the creation of collective intelligence.

Patricia FurlongPresident & CEO at Global Processing | President IDEA Diversidad