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My PASSION is to connect, inspire, and empower. In the realms of leadership and personal and professional growth, being a transformational leader entails significant responsibility, serving as an example of awareness and coherence to connect and positively influence others.

My PURPOSE is to be a source of inspiration, advocating for responsible leadership, overall well-being, and enhancing capabilities to tackle new challenges at the next personal and professional level. I am deeply committed to learning and continuous improvement. Leadership is a game of emulation, where each action sets off a domino effect, always emanating from within to the outside. Moreover, a leader is someone who can absorb uncertainty so that others can keep moving forward.

For over 15 years, I thrived as an intrapreneur in top-tier multinational companies, holding executive positions at the local and regional levels in LATAM. My areas of greatest value addition include general management, commercial strategy, and business development. For more than 10 years, I have been an independent entrepreneur, founder-owner, and CEO of UBUNTU Inspire Group, where I lead a multidisciplinary professional team that encompasses various internationally recognized brands.

As an Influencer, I am an international speaker specializing in leadership and high-performance teams, an opinion leader on Canal CEO and Diario Business News, both prominent media outlets in the business and corporate ecosystem for top executives in Hispanoamerica.

As a Networker and International Partner of REF in Argentina, I am a trusted advisor to boards and leader of forums composed of General Managers, CEOs, and Presidents, with the aim of accelerating and enhancing their effectiveness in strategic decision-making. I also serve as Chairman and Managing Partner in my ventures and business developer in Hispanoamerica.


The evolution of organizations depends on the evolution of their leaders.

We all have a story. I invite you to see mine.